Vital Foods and Practices for Vibrant Health

Vital Foods and Practices for Vibrant Health

The most common symptom my clients complain about is being tired or not having enough energy. They eat sugar and carbs to try to give themselves a boost, but it’s only short lived – if it works at all.

Vibrant health is about vitality – feeling alive and well. It’s about having plenty of energy and spark, and feeling happy most of the time! Is this a reasonable goal to aim towards? Absolutely!!

At the Vibrant Health Centre, our tag line is ‘feel alive’. Our philosophy is about stimulating your life force or vital energy so that you do feel fully alive and well. Everything that we suggest or prescribe is aimed at boosting the energy that’s present in every cell in your body.

In terms of nutrition, we believe that eating fresh, vital food is far superior to taking supplements. Not only does fresh food contain the nutrients, it also has life force energy. Food that is grown with love, in healthy soils and without chemical fertilisers and sprays has much greater life force energy than commercially grown food – and it tastes better! Growing your own fruit and vegetables, or buying them from small growers such as those at the Farmer’s Market is recommended for this reason.

One of the things I love to do is allow my salad vegetables and herbs to go to seed, and scatter the seeds in my garden to have a constant supply of fresh salads. Rocket and lettuce seem to grow better when they self seed. I also love to add flowers to my salads to add colour, flavour and vitality! These include borage, calendula, nasturtium, wild pansies and dianthus. I’ve just planted dianthus into the garden in front of my kitchen, so everything growing in there is edible, and looks pretty too.

Milk, eggs and meat are also better sourced from free-range suppliers. Fresh, raw milk has a much greater nutritional value, and seems to be better tolerated than commercially pasteurised and homogenised milk. Basing your diet on fresh vegetables and quality protein, with seasonal fruit, berries and nuts will provide you with the nutrients and vital energy that your body craves.

Being physically active every day stimulates energy production through the mitochondria of your cells, where food fuels are converted into ATP, your body’s energy currency. Exercising is like cranking a dynamo that generates a flow of life force energy throughout your body, and keeps it energised for hours afterwards. Regular exercise and activity stimulates the growth of the number of mitochondria in the cells of your body, which means that your ability to convert food fuels to energy increases significantly. Staying on the couch rather than getting active becomes a downward spiral that causes you to feel continually tired. Even 10 minutes of reasonably vigorous activity can give you a significant boost of energy and wellbeing.

Sleep is important for restoring your life force energy. During sleep, repair processes happen in your physical body, and you also process your mental and emotional experiences through REM sleep and dreaming. Quality sleep recharges your body battery so you’re ready to take on the next day fully charged.

Breathing is also important for the flow of energy in your body. Not only does your breath supply oxygen to your cells and tissues, but taking slow, deep breaths through your nose and into your belly has a calming effect on your nervous system, helping you to remain calm and centred. This has the effect of focussing your energy, rather than allowing it to be scattered by stress and worry.

Doing things that are fun and creative is important for your wellbeing. We are all creative beings, and if we’re not expressing that creativity it takes energy to suppress it. If we express ourselves – through music, dance, art, gardening, fashion, sewing, knitting, woodwork, writing, or whatever it is that you’re into – we feel a sense of joy that increases our energy and lifts our spirits.

All of these factors and more form the basis of our philosophy, to enhance your energy and health through boosting your vital or life force energy.

During a consultation, I’ll be asking questions to find out where you’re allowing yourself to be depleted or drained. I’ll be listening to what you’re saying, to determine if external stresses or your own attitude are affecting how you feel in a negative way. Through investigating your diet, I’ll be looking to see what nutrients you may be lacking, or if you’re eating food that’s highly processed or lifeless. Herbs are prescribed that will enhance or restore the function of specific organs and tissues, or boost the life force in some way.

There are many factors that contribute to your health and vitality, and our role at the Vibrant Health Centre is to address as many of these factors as possible to restore your energy so you feel alive once again! For a taster of what we have to offer, come for a free 30 minute strategy session. Fill in the form to apply now.



Helen is a registered medical herbalist and naturopath with 15 years clinical and teaching experience. She aims to help her clients to create vibrant health through improved nutrition and better lifestyle practices, and uses herbal medicines to support healing processes. Her philosophy on health is to keep it simple and find easy ways to fit 'being healthy' into your life.

Helen is passionate about health and wellbeing, and understands metabolism and weight management as a holistic practice - working with physical, mental and emotional aspects of health, weight and body image.

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