Echinacea, the Amazing Immune Enhancing Herb

Echinacea, the Amazing Immune Enhancing Herb

The root is harvested in Autumn after the second year of growth.

Alterative (depurative), anti-microbial, immune modulating, anti-inflammatory, lymphatic, vulnerary, sialagogue

·     The active constituent of Echinacea preparations are the alkylamides, which cause a strong tingling sensation on the tongue, and stimulate production of saliva
·     Treatment and prevention of infections of all kind, especially upper respiratory tract infections, sinusitis, colds and influenza (flu)
·     Treatment of bacterial, viral and protozoal infections of the digestive, respiratory and urinary tracts, as well as STIs
·     Use for septicaemia, cystitis, nasopharyngeal catarrh, respiratory catarrh, chronic bronchitis
·     Use internally and externally in the treatment of inflammatory and purulent (bacterial) skin conditions including acne, boils (furunculosis), and abscesses.
·     Use in chronic infective patterns, especially in children (e.g. tonsillitis)
·     Enhancing immune response in healthy individuals. Can be taken preventatively by teachers, early childhood workers, medical practitioners, and anyone exposed to infection.
·     Envenomation (snakebites, spider bites)
·     For states of weakened immunity including those undergoing chemotherapy
·     For states of weakened or imbalanced immunity including allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancer, and post viral syndromes
·     For recurrent candidiasis
·     Use externally to promote healing especially of old or poorly healing wounds and ulcers, inflamed skin conditions including eczema, and bacterial infections

20 – 100 ml per week of 1:2 liquid extract
Take 5 – 10 ml immediately if you feel symptoms of infection, and up to 30 ml per day in divided doses during acute infection

Associated Herbs
·     With sage or myrrh for chronic infections of the mouth and throat
·     With milk thistle and Astragalus for chronic hepatitis and tiredness following glandular fever
·     With Calendula or burdock for boils, skin and pelvic infections
·     With garlic for persistent colds and minor infections
·     With Thuja and Baptisia for sinusitis (K Bone)

Cautions and Contraindications
·     Caution is advised for organ transplant patients taking immunosuppressive drugs
·     Allergic responses are unlikely using root extracts


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