Consultations and Services

Natural Health Consultation

Consultations and coaching sessions are available by appointment, either at the clinic, by phone, or Skype. Phone 07 856 6991 or 027 656 6991 to arrange a time that suits best. When you come for your appointment, please bring along any recent blood or medical test results, medication you’ve been prescribed or supplements you’re taking.

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A Natural Health Consultation includes:

  • Investigation of current and past health concerns
  • Bio-impedence body composition analysis if indicated
  • Assessment of nutrition, lifestyle habits and areas of stress
  • Assessment of medical tests, current medication and supplements
  • Set goals and discuss strategies to achieve them
  • Herbs and supplements prescribed and supplied according to needs

Initial consultation/assessment 90 minutes $179

Follow up 30 – 45 minutes $60 – $90

Follow up with coaching 60 minutes $120


DNA Testing

Contact Helen at the Vibrant Health Centre to arrange a free 30 minute consultation to discuss whether DNA testing will help you solve your health puzzle. Click here apply.

POA. DNA testing can help you to know:

  • the best way to balance your diet in terms of fat, protein and carbohydrate
  • whether saturated fats or polyunsaturated oils are better for your metabolism
  • whether fish oils are a useful supplement for you to take
  • your risk factors for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer
  • how your body responds to sugar and carbohydrates
  • some strategies for managing your weight based on your genetic profile
  • your predisposition to inflammatory disorders
  • sensitivity to sodium, caffeine, and bitter flavours
  • whether you require standard or activated CoQ10 or folic acid supplements
  • whether you require additional vitamin C
  • how you metabolise vitamin D
  • your strengths and weaknesses in phase 1 and 2 liver detoxification
  • your genetic predisposition to coeliac disease and lactose intolerance
  • your requirements for antioxidant nutrients
  • genetics for brain and mental health tendencies
  • sensitivity to stress
  • how diurnal and seasonal rhythms affect your metabolism
  • what type of exercise you’re best suited to based on your muscle and fitness genetics

Weight Loss Coaching

Weight loss involves a lot more than calories in and calories out. Helen offers an holistic approach to weight loss that not only educates you in wholesome nutrition and lifestyle habits, but helps you to change your mindset and behavioural patterns to enhance your success. Helen helps you step by step to understand your body and metabolism, and to make appropriate changes to get results.

Weight Loss Coaching includes:

  • Full assessment and body composition analysis
  • Goal setting for success
  • Complete set of notes and resources provided
  • Coaching through challenges and areas of difficulty
  • Weekly or fortnightly sessions
  • Phone, email and text support

Initial assessment 60 minutes $120

Relaxation Massage

Helen has been practicing relaxation massage since 2004. Her style of massage is firm but gentle, working through knots and areas of tension from head to foot, with relaxing music playing in the background. You will leave feeling revived and relaxed. A standard massage is 60 minutes, which includes top of hips, back, shoulders, back of legs, feet, upper chest, neck and head. A 90 minute option is available, which also includes front of thighs, arms and hands.

A Relaxation Massage includes:

  • A gentle and soothing massage, working through knots and areas of tension or tightness
  • Quality aromatherapy oils used
  • Background music designed to help you relax

Relaxation Massage 60 minutes $80, 90  minutes $120

Helen helped me get through some of life’s issues in the past few months. She helped me find solutions to the problems I was facing, when other avenues were too happy to just prescribe drugs. Knowledgeable, and very easy to talk to. Life is always a work in progress, but help from Helen has smoothed out the obstacles in my path, and I am working towards a brighter future. So thank you! Andrew H

The programme I have been doing with Helen has been life changing for me. My whole life I had been struggling with my weight and energy levels. After starting the programme I have a lot more energy to get things done during the day and have started a healthy relationship with my body, something I have never had before. The programme is about living a certain lifestyle not dieting. I feel great and that’s what really matters the most. Thanks Helen. Deanna

I have only had 2 sessions of health coaching with Helen but already I am seeing changes in my behaviour and life patterns. Day to day life does not feel so exhausting and I feel more relaxed in the things I do.  I continue to improve in health and wellbeing everyday, in so many ways. Lisa H