DNA Analysis


DNA analysis is the new age in natural medicine. Through knowing your genetics, we can help you optimise your health and wellbeing by providing very specific advice about how to modify your diet, adjust your lifestyle, and take the most well-suited supplements based on your DNA profile.

We use the Smart DNA system, where 90 different genes or SNPs are analysed through a saliva sample. As an accredited Smart DNA practitioner, I interpret the report that comes back, and help you to understand your genetics, and maximise your health outcomes based on our current understanding of nutrigenomics. As a herbalist and health coach, I will help you make this information practical so you can work with it to be as healthy as you can be.

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Eating a wholesome diet and having a healthy relationship with food are vitally important aspects to creating optimal or vibrant health. Food is our body’s first medicine; it’s the source of fuel (energy), building blocks (spare parts for repair and maintenance of our body’s cells and tissues), activators (vitamins) and enhancers (antioxidants and accessory nutrients). Whole foods, eaten in the right balance and prepared so that we can digest and absorb their nutrients, are one of the primary keys to vibrant health. Eating too much processed or improperly prepared foods drain us of energy and nutrients, which causes fatigue, bad moods, impaired metabolism, poor health and eventually disease.

During a natural health or nutrition consultation, or as part of the Enlighten Me programme, you’ll discover how to create a diet and eating plan that’s right for your needs. We work with your food preferences and eating patterns suggesting additional foods that contain the nutrients you may need more of. We’ll help you create a better balance in your diet, and assist you to overcome unhealthy eating habits. Whether to heal from an illness, gain or lose weight, improve energy or performance (physical or mental), or slow down the effects of ageing, Helen can tailor a nutritional programme for you.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine (phytotherapy) is the practice of using plant extracts to stimulate healing. It’s an ancient tradition practiced by all cultures from around the world and is considered to be the oldest and most widely used system of medicine – even today it’s estimated that 80 percent of the world’s population is dependent on herbs for their health.

Herbal medicine has many branches including Western, Te Rongoa (Maori), Chinese and Ayurvedic. Western herbal medicine, as used at the Vibrant Health Centre includes medicinal plants from around the world. Helen’s dispensary contains about 120 different herbs.

Plant medicines have a complex chemical make-up with various phytochemicals producing the therapeutic effect. Modern science has confirmed the traditional uses of many herbs and they act in ways unlike any available drug medicine to alter the function or stimulate healing of specific cells and tissues.

A good quality diet combined with herbal medicines supply the necessary stimulus to enable your body to heal itself, normalizing cellular or metabolic processes and bringing your body back to a state of health. Following a natural health consultation, Helen will prescribe and blend a herbal formula specific to your needs. The medicine is in liquid form and needs to be measured and diluted in a small amount of water before taking. The dosage needs to be taken correctly for the medicine to be effective.

Health Coaching

Health coaching is a facilitated process to help you to define your goals, identify the patterns of behaviour that are affecting your health, and take steps to create change. Helen will help you explore your blocks and challenges, and encourage you to take the next step in the right direction. She emphasizes ‘baby steps’ – small incremental changes that gradually lead you to new behaviours rather than taking giant leaps. Habits must be changed gradually for long-term success.

Learn how to set realistic goals, work with affirmations, and use journaling and checklists to monitor your progress and stay on track to achieve your goals.

Bio-Impedance Body Composition Analysis

Bio-impedance analysis is a scientific test used to measure your body composition in terms of how much muscle and body fat you have. It also looks at the fluid balance, hydration, and health of your body tissues and cells. The measurement that interests most health conscious people is the indication of biological age as opposed to chronological age.

Regular checks of body composition are useful for monitoring progress of people losing weight to ensure it’s body fat not muscle being lost. BIA can also monitor changes in cellular health resulting from releasing stress, improving nourishment, detoxification and improving general health.

A bio-impedance analysis is performed as part of the assessment for the Enlighten Me programme and weight loss coaching, and can be done during a natural health consultation if indicated or requested.